… to the Theory of Quantum Matter Group at Monash University, based in Melbourne, Australia!

The underlying few-body dynamics in quantum systems is fundamental to our understanding of nature. The revolution in electronics – which led to the Information Age – was enabled by progress in our theoretical understanding of single electrons in materials.

Even more novel phenomena can emerge when the electrons interact strongly, such that we can no longer consider them individually. A prominent example is superconductivity – the flow of electrons without any resistance – which occurs due to the formation of electron pairs. The theory of superconductivity is one of the triumphs of 20th Century physics, yet there is a growing class of quantum systems that defy a conventional description owing to the presence of strong correlations between more than two particles.

The Theory of Quantum Matter group at Monash aims to develop novel theoretical approaches to strong correlations that go beyond current theoretical paradigms by considering the behaviour of strongly interacting few-body systems and the consequences they have for macroscopic properties.

Ultimately, a greater understanding of correlated many-particle systems would allow us to harness their properties for a new generation of quantum devices, featuring efficient energy storage, rapid energy extraction, and lossless energy transport.

Our group also forms part of the ARC Centre of Excellence on Future Low-Energy Electronics (FLEET).